Effortlessly Chuck is about enjoying good home cooked food every day, may this be at work or with friends and family. Charles Boutin brings to the world simple ideas for meal preparation, cocktail time, and welcoming friends and family for a good dinner, effortlessly.

Charles Boutin

Charles grew up in Quebec City and lives in San Francisco where he leads a career in corporate retail. His passion for food is unparalleled: he wants to bring back to the world Home Cooking as a way to eat healthy, unwind and have fun with friends and family.

Email me: effortlesslychuck@gmail.com

David Girouard

David is Chuck’s fiance. He is a very lucky man as he’s enjoying on a daily basis Chuck’s excellent food, and co-host multiple dinners with friends and family. As a real foodie, he can’t ask for more!

Email me: effortlesslychuck@gmail.com

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