Meal Plan for November Week 1

November is here and Daylight Saving Time ends tomorrow. It will be dark when walking out of work and we will crave satisfying food that sticks to the ribs. With this in mind, I assembled the below recipes for this week.


Giada’s House Soup : I went through a Giada craze a couple years ago and was making a lot of her recipes. My passion for her faded away but this one recipe remained in my roster of staple soups recipes. I make this a lot during fall and winter. It is very satisfying and perfect for lunch

I am still exploring Josee Di Stasio A la Soupe cookbook I got last year at Christmas and this week we will be trying her twist on zuppa di nozze which is Italian Wedding Soup. She uses celery root and kale so I am excited to see how it will come out. I will translate the recipe in a separate post.


Mini Carrot Meatballs : from my beloved and trusted Ricardo

Roasted Chicken Breasts : The New York Times had this interesting feature this week about using mayonnaise in lieu of oil for marinade so I will play around and experiment with this idea and report back. Link to article:


Farro – will use what is left after cooking the House Soup

Carrots – steamed

Asparagus – roasted

On the Baking Rack

Zucchini and Date Bread from Ricardo. Here we will dial down the brown sugar to 3/4 cup but otherwise a solid and healthy breakfast option after killing it in class with Jomar!

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