December Week 2 Meal Plan : Cooking with Mom

I get my passion for cooking and entertaining from my Mom so needless to say that cooking together is something we enjoy tremendously. I took advantage of her trip to San Francisco to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon with her, cooking some of her favorite comfort foods that I weaved into this week’s meal plan. Bon Appetit and I love you Mom!


Option A: Roasted Chicken, Fingerling Potatoes and Haricots Verts

This is my go to recipe anytime I need to roast chicken. The simple spice mixture brings it to the next level! Don’t fear the 1 tbsp of salt: it makes it for a very juicy bird.

Option B: Turkey Meatballs in Autumnal Harvest Sauce with Spaghetti Squash and Steamed Veggies

Mom introduced me to this meatball recipe from Ricardo (One of Quebec’s finest cook and entrepreneur) and I added my twist by using Trader Joe’s Autumnal Harvest Sauce and replacing the pork for ground turkey. These puppies are so tender and the complete opposite of dry.


Option A : Macaroni a la Viande (Meat Macaroni)

This is a true Quebecois delicacy and the epitome of comfort food. The star of this delicious pasta bake is the hearty meat sauce that gets enhanced with veal demi-glace. Topped with cheese, this casserole bakes until golden and bubbly.

Option B: Roasted Chicken Salad

No recipe here, just toss your favorite salad greens and dressing and top with the remaining Roasted Chicken from your lunches.

Option C: Butternut Squash Soup

I have grown to enjoy soup as main course for dinner and this recipe from Giada de Laurentiis is my go to any time I crave butternut squash soup. This soup is deliciously comforting and creamy without the use of any dairy. To keep things healthy I skip the crostini.


Fruit and Seed Bars

These bars are the perfect post morning workout breakfast treat. Free of refined sugars and gluten, they are packed with protein and will pair perfectly with yogurt and fruit.


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