March Week 1 Meal Plan : Monthly Reset.

March is here at last and I am so ready for it. It’s the month that I associate with finally settling into the new year (For me January is an overwhelming back to basics month while February feels like a lackluster lull). March is when the days are noticeably longer and things start to feel brighter and luminous. You walk the door with an extra spring in your step and feel you can takeover the world. Let’s hold on to that feeling as we kick off the month strong. This week I packed our lunches with proteins and kept dinners on the lighter side.


Option A : Greek Lunch Bowls

Very easy to put together. Roast chicken breasts with salt and pepper while you cook the quinoa. Make a simple cucumber salad by tossing cucumbers with lemon juice, olive oil and oregano. Make the sauce: plain Greek yogurt mixed with Everything Bagel seasoning, garlic powder and some lemon juice. Slice the tomatoes and assemble.

Option B: Honey-and-Soy-Glazed Chicken with Cilantro Rice and Asparagus

Another find from NYT Cooking. I made some extra glaze to add to the chicken so it reheats with more flavor. Paired it with two of my favorite: cilantro rice and asparagus.

Link to recipe:


Option A: Peanut Chicken Soup

Another recipe from Olive + Gourmando. I love how Dyan Solomon’s soup recipes are always packed with flavor. I will work on a translation shortly, this soup is really a stand out!

Option B: Pasta With Fresh Herbs, Lemon and Peas

A simple pasta dish with crisp flavors that gives a hopeful to spring. I like to add ricotta on top to make it a bit richer.

Link to recipe:


I received the Tartine cookbook for Christmas and I am just barely getting started experimenting with their recipes. I love all baked goods with oats so this recipe for Oat Digestive Biscuits felt like the right place to start.


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