March Week 2 Meal Plan : Il Conforto.

With everything going out in the world right now, our desire to be comfortable at home is taking a whole new level of meaning. While anxious or stressed, we seek to be soothed and want to find comfort in what makes us happy. In my case, that would be cooking and baking but also music. Tiziano Ferro sings this beautiful song called Il Conforto that speaks to this innate desire to be comforted in time of need. This week I am revisiting some recipes I haven’t made in quite some time but that will bring back memories and spark joy. Giada was one of the first chef I took an interest in when moving to America in 2010 so I am revisiting a few favorites. This week I am cooking for comfort, for Il Conforto.


Option A: Chicken with Tarragon and White Wine

This recipe calls for a whole chicken but I executed with chicken breasts for speed and efficiency. The mix of white wine, tarragon and Dijon mustard makes an amazing creamy sauce that is surprisingly not too rich. Link to recipe:

Option B: Sweet and Spicy Greek Meatballs

I made this recipe using beef but can only imagine how delicious it would be using lamb. These meatballs have a complex layers of spices. Don’t shy away from the cinnamon, it really elevates this dish. Link to recipe:


Option A: Orecchiette with Turkey Sausage and Broccoli Rabe

This is an OG recipe from Giada’s first cookbook originally published 15 years ago. Broccoli Rabe can be a bit of an acquired taste but it really shines through. Link to recipe:

Option B: Hearty Chicken, Barley and Vegetable Soup

This is a perfect week night recipe for when you are short on time to cook. I used some leftover chicken from my Option A lunch above to make it which added flavor. Link to recipe:


My partner loves banana cake with buttercream frosting. It’s tied to a childhood memory of his grandmother making this dessert for him. This is my closest attempt at recreating it. Link to recipe:


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