Meal Plan for November Week 3

Being spontaneous is fun but being planful is what I enjoy the most. Next week is Thanksgiving and I am taking the week off. We will travel locally to the Wine Country so there will be plenty of amazing food and wine and then a big Thanksgiving meal on Thursday! I thought I would set us up for success by preemptively detoxing this week with a meal plan of soups that we will alternate between lunches and dinners.

LUNCHES AND DINNERS (Alternate as you prefer)

Soup 1: Detox Soup by Giada De Laurentiis – this is my go to when I want to reset my stomach after a period of indulgence. It’s light and flavorful.

Soup 2: Turkey, Kale and Brown Rice Soup by Giada De Laurentiis – I posted about Giada’s House Soup a few weeks ago (Meal Plan for November Week 1) and I like to think of this soup as its healthier counterpart but equally satisfying.

Soup 3: Buffalo Chicken Chowder by JustJessieB – a teammate brought me a serving of this soup for lunch and I was hooked. It brings the heat of chicken wings to a satisfying chowder that is surprisingly healthy.

Soup 4: Tempeh Enchilada Quinoa soup by Dishing Out Health – Dairy free, gluten free, low carb and vegan can be hearty! The proof is in this plant powered protein creation from Dishing Out Health.


Still on topic of Thanksgiving, I thought I would dry run this Everything Seasoning rolls recipe to make sure it is bulletproof for turkey day! I love Everything Bagels so this recipe I found in a Kohl’s ad inside the Food Network magazine immediately caught my attention. I will share out results once I am sure they are a complete success!

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