March Week 4 Meal Plan : New Week, New Possibilities.

I am trying to settle into a new normal of working from home, social distancing and self quarantining. These are all big changes but cooking and baking (And martinis) have all been a huge help in staying calm. Meal Planning is a healthy habit I stick to which also helps bringing a sense of normalcy to my week day. Let’s get excited for the new possibilities ahead this week.


Option A : Chicken Satay with Brown Basmati Rice, Asparagus and Brussel Sprouts

An old school recipe that I must have made more than one hundred time. I cook the chicken in the marinade for extra taste. Link to recipe:

Option B : Greek Lunch Bowls

Nothing too complicated here. Roast chicken in a simple marinade and serve with quinoa, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and some granch. Link to Chicken Recipe: Link to Granch Recipe:


Option A : Spaghetti Meatballs

Another old school classic. In this recipe, Ricardo nails the perfect balance for meatballs that are firm but moist and flavorful. A must try. Link to recipe:

Option B : Crazy Salads

While craving comfy food, I am also trying to stay mindful of eating a lot of vegetables. Given the limitation of what was on hand at the grocery store this week end I bought a bunch of greens and veggies that I will toss together with some roasted chicken and some nuts. Salad improvisation!


Banana Date Tea Cake

Oh this is so good. From the Tartine cookbook. I went all the way and added peanuts and chocolate chips. Too sweet for breakfast but an amazing treat to have with a cup of tea in the afternoon. I am not one for snacking but in these crazy times we need to indulge a little. Link to recipe:


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